Club Committees

Our club is organized into committees who work together to shape our club into one of the best young professional volunteer organizations in the Northern Virginia area.

All members are encouraged in actively participate in our committees and provide suggestions on ways to improve the club throughout the year.

If you are interested in learning more about a particular committee or joining a committee, please e-mail the respective Director for more information.

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Fundraising is responsible for creating and managing the various projects we use to generate revenue to fund our service projects and the charities we support.

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Membership is responsible for recruiting new members and retaining current members. We plan and hold membership drives throughout the year to creatively promote the club to attract new members. We also provide Kiwanis education for new members, awards to recognize our members’ efforts, and plan ways to keep members engaged.

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Public Relations is responsible for promoting the club to the general public and manages internal communications with members. Our main tasks include publishing a monthly club newsletter, maintaining our social media presence, and maintaining our website. We also aim to improve brand awareness in community and throughout Kiwanis International.

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Service is the lifeblood of our club. We make sure a variety of service projects are on the club calendar and that our projects satisfy our members’ varied interests and tight schedules. We help identify potential projects and works with various local non-profits to set-up volunteer opportunities for the club.

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Service Leadership Programs (or SLPs) is responsible for maintaining a close relationship with all the SLPs we sponsor. We assign committee members to be advisors to one of our numerous SLPs and each advisor helps keep the club up to date with what our SLPs are up to and vice-versa. We also help our members become more engaged with our SLPs.

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Socials & Interclubs has the fun responsibility of organizing social events for the club. Our biggest social event of the year is our annual Holiday dinner for the Winter season, but we also plan smaller get-togethers throughout the year. We promote opportunities to work with other Kiwanis clubs in the area, also known as interclubs.